4 Effective Tips To Clean And Maintain Your Outdoor Decking

An Outdoor Balcony in a Home

Your balcony is undoubtedly a cherished extension of your living space, providing the ideal spot for relaxation and quality me-time. However, its constant exposure to the elements means your outdoor flooring is regularly taking a beating from the sun, wind, and weather, not to mention the amount of debris that can accumulate on your deck. […]

Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Deck: Composite vs Wood Decking

Choosing the perfect outdoor deck

Few experiences are better than a sunny evening relaxing on your backyard deck. However, transforming your outdoor space into a tranquil retreat for rest and relaxation involves careful consideration of the materials for your outdoor decking. Among the myriad options available, composite and wood decking stand out as popular choices among homeowners in Singapore, each […]