I received excellent before and after-sales service from 卢幸媛 (Lu). She is a sincere and genuine salesperson and gave me the confidence that I could trust her. Because of her, I decided to purchase flooring with FloorExpert instead of other companies even though FloorExpert was priced at a premium.

Throughout the whole process, she was very patient and responsible. She always went the extra mile of finding resources, videos and images of other flooring works to assist me in my decision making. The level of service she offered was comparable to that of a friend. She was passionate and enthusiastic in assisting me in ways that were beyond her job scope. I had another contractor to do the toilet and main door entrance and when she did a site visit at my house, she gave me constructive suggestions such as adding a kerb at both entrances, which my contractor and I had overlooked. In the end it was a great suggestion and I am grateful for her assistance. She also willingly helped me to check the flatness of the cement screed which was done by another contractor and gave me advice on the areas which were uneven so that I can tell the contractor to rectify it. When I told her that I suspected one of her workers accidentally scratched my main door, she offered to come to my house personally to help me fix it.

I am very impressed with her level of service and would definitely recommend her services to my family and friends. Thank you!

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