Vinyl Flooring recommended by ID. Regretting it.
Cons outweighs the Pros.
Several issues occurred but they managed to rectify most of it but certain problems still persist.

Pros – easily replaced as compared to regular tiles
Cons –
>tends to trap dust easier due to textures
>interlock design is flawed, tiles move and can hear the tile “locking” back when you step on it.
>hair can get caught in the interlock sections
>interlock/meeting sections opens up over time, becoming a trap for anything small, even water can seep through
>if original tiles below have issues, it will affect the overlay also

Was informed because it was overlaid, bumps in the floor is normal, especially where walls used to exist. Well, if it’s a known issue, it was never flagged up to us or handled properly.
Despite ID and Sales Agent ‘s assistance, the products and workmanship are lacking.
1st rectification – because the tiles were coming out
2nd rectification – tiles moving/opening and redoing the skirting as the silicon sealant used were DIFFERENT (instead of light brown, dark brown was used). And replacing a damaged tile.
3rd rectification – replaced all the tiles at the ends of the flooring as they were incorrectly installed (lengths were too short). Assured it will be the last rectification
4th rectification – due to previous rectification, some tiles were “bent” upwards. And noticed bumps in other areas. They adjusted the tiles but as it was bent, was told to put heavy stuff to press it back down instead of replacing it. And the bumps were explained as its due to the tiles below. And the opening gaps were just simply filled in with silicon sealant as they couldn’t knock the tiles into place.

Repeatedly, after all these, Floor Xperts blamed the original flooring below for the issues.
But these issues should have been highlighted instead of proceeding with the installation. And now when issues occurs, you blame the original flooring.

In summary, i do not recommend Floor Xperts and I strongly suggest against Vinyl Flooring for homes. And against overlaying. Because it is not something that will last without issues and the flaws makes your home feels like a creaky old trap for dirt.

Regretting the choice of this flooring. If you are considering this company or Vinyl flooring for your home, think hard twice and thrice.

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