Often, before we purchase something we are unsure of, we will definitely check out reviews and faq on the relevant products. Some frequent questions our sale consultants get is regarding our Microcement product – Topcret’s BAXAB.

Here are some of the questions you may relate to:

  1. Is your product Topcret or BAXAB?

Topcret is actually the manufacturing company for the production of stylish cement-based micro coverings for floors, walls and furniture. BAXAB is one of their cement-based micro-covering products.

  1. Does the price of the product and its application vary according to the material which it is applied on?

The cost of the application of micro-cement coating is the same on any surface. There will only be an additional cost in cases where there has been extreme deterioration of where the surface to be coated is irregular and it is necessary to apply a self-levelling agent or an extra micro-cement base layer.

  1. What kind of surfaces can BAXAB be applied on?

Due to the great adhesive qualities of BAXAB, it is possible to apply it to almost any type of stable surface: ceramic, porcelain, cement, mortar, tiles, plaster or marble. As it is not necessary to remove the existing material, installation is quick, time & cost saving. In addition, it is not necessary to apply for a building permit so hassles are kept to the minimum.

  1. Can we apply BAXAB on wood or parquet floors?

Due to the inherent instability of wood or parquet floors, it is necessary to remove them prior to the application of BAXAB.

  1. Will there be imperfections in the product?

The application of all Topcret products is done manually, by hand. The coating is applied manually by trowel, so the variations in texture are unique and characteristic of the individual application.

  1. Is your product waterproof?

All Topcret products are waterproof. However, the base where the coating is applied must be completely dry and free from moisture at the time of application.

  1. In case of new construction, what is the most appropriate base material?

Due to the high adhesion capacity of all Topcret products, they can be applied to any surface except wood or parquet floors. A rigid base with a smooth surface that is free of cracks is required.

  1. Your product does not have joints, won’t there be greater risk of cracking?

Absolutely not! Due to their great adhesive capacity and because only a very thin layer of the products needs to be applied, Topcret products do not crack under most circumstances. The only way cracks may occur is if the base on which the coating is applied undergoes some significant movement, settlement or expansion. The incorporation of a fiberglass mesh minimizes the risks of cracks.

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