So you’re updating a room — you’ve chosen colors, furniture and accessories — but it still feels flat. This could be because you’re leaving out an important element: texture. By adding an element of texture – for example, a rustic floor – you can change the way the space feels.

Textured floors can do a lot for a room, adding depth and warmth to your interior designs, and providing great contrast to both shiny and smooth surfaces that you’re using to design your space.

We carry a wide range of textured floors with a variety of finishes that you can use:

Wire-brushed surface textures have evolved over the past few years with the increased interest in custom or artisan looks. Wire-brushing pulls the soft grain from the wood leaving the harder heartwood exposed while still maintaining a smooth surface. For example, in our Luxurious Resilient Flooring (LURF) category, our LURF Pulse – Sea Breeze Oak Natural features a wire-bushed oak look with a rich muted colour and a matte finish.

Saw cut
A saw cut textured floor mimics flooring scarred by a circular saw and then sanded to remove any remaining rough splinters. This sort of texturizing provides an authentic look of times gone by. If you have a rustic interior, that you might like to consider giving your floor a time-worn appeal with a saw-cut design. We have quite a few options you can choose from, including our LURF Pulse – Cotton Oak Grey with Saw Cuts, and LURF Balance – Canyon Oak Light Brown with Saw Cuts.

Textured and backed with advanced protection
Particularly for our Quick-Step range of LURF and Laminate flooring, the technology used to manufacture these floor planks is cutting edge. They’re durable enough for even the toughest, most active families. They resist dents and dings from high heels, dropped objects, or heavy furniture. Stains wipe away, even tough stains like wine and nail polish.

Browse all of our more than 40 textured flooring options at our website, or come visit us at our showroom and feel our floors for yourself!


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