Do you have an indented wall in your house that you absolutely have no idea how to work around it? TV wall or just putting a sofa against it just doesn’t seem right and maybe even a waste of space. Let us give you some ideas on how you can make use of these sore but workable areas.

Topcret’s Baxab®

  1. Coating it

You can opt to coat it with the latest product in our Singapore shores – Topcret’s BAXAB®. It’s a cement-based micro-covering for floors, walls and even furnitures. Without joints and with its trowel handmade finishing, it achieves surfaces of great quality, beauty and a unique finishing of its own.


LURF® Balance 40030

  1. Paint It

There is no fast rule that your walls have to be painted in one colour. Carefully matched colour tones may in fact have greater highlight on your wall. Applying differently shades will also make the space look cheery and inviting.


LURF® Balance 40027

  1. Furnish It

Furnish the areas with display cabinets, paintings or collectibles (if you have hobby of collecting limited editions ornaments).



LURF® Ambient 40051


  1. Perhaps A Painting or Two?

You can add more texture to a plain or simple space by adding a nice painting or a collage of picture frames to add an aesthetic impact to a seemingly dull wall in the corner by itself.


LURF® Ambient 40051


  1. What About A Feature Wall?


Feature walls can be a good edition to the home as a standalone aesthetic point. It can be painted on, in the form of a brick wall or even have different wood pattern mounted on the wall. Easily achieveable to be the most instagrammable corner in your house.


STP wall feature in Morisco pattern


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