What are phthalates?

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Phthalates are chemical plasticizers that have been commonly used since a long time ago to soften plastics that can be brittle and crack when bent. Plastic materials sometimes harden over time because the phthalates have leached out of it.

Are phthalates dangerous?

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Not to scare you, phthalates can be found almost everywhere. From your daily necessities products to the food you consume. They are nearly impossible to avoid due to their high performance and stability. However, few studies have examined the health risk of phthalates on humans. Thus, it is always a good idea to make an effort to avoid phthalates. Every little bit can make a difference.

Vinyl safe for children?

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This is one of the most persistent urban legends about vinyl involving its effect on the health of infants and children as they are still developing. Claims have also been made that substances used for vinyl floorings are poisonous and children are being exposed to hazardous materials.

The substances used in our vinyl floorings, however, comply with all the strictest health legislation and requirements. This makes them perfectly safe for your children to walk, crawl and play on.

LURF Vinyl

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In Floor Xpert our vinyl is manufactured from 100% virgin material and free of phthalates. We do not recycle our vinyl as recycled vinyl is often contaminated with toxic contaminants. For your peace of mind, we are fully compliant with EU certification and promise to have no dangerous substances.

After reading this, you know you can choose our LURF vinyl without putting you and your family at risk! (;

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