One frequent way we teach our customers to identify if our product is indeed using Unilin Click system is to look out for the L2C label on our packaging box. Customers will then ask us – what is a L2C label? What does it do?

Image: Floor Xpert LURF vinyl packaging box

Who came up with this L2C Label?

Unilin and Valienge have implemented an authentication label program which licensed partners must attach a holographic label on every box of product made in countries that is manufactured and sold under the clic flooring patent rights.

Image: L2C Label As Shown on our packaging box

Products in boxes without labels are considered unlicensed products even if they are manufactured by a licensed company. In other way, it’s not authentic to say the product is using Unilin Click system if it does not come with the hologram label.

What does L2C stands for?

It stands for “License to Clic”. It was introduced in April 2012 to support the interests of licensed manufacturers and companies doing business in products supplied by these licensees.

Why L2C label and not some stamp of guarantee instead?

Over the years Unilin received many complaints from licensed manufacturers, importers and distributors of licensed products that some are not complying with the contractual obligations of their license contracts. Those non-complying manufacturers were seriously damaging the competitiveness of compliant manufacturers. The labels will be able to help identify those non-complaint licensees and products infringing the Unilin patents.

Is L2C label readily available to anyone?

No, L2C labels are provided to manufacturers only.

What if I see your products without the label?

Please contact us immediately if you do see our products without the label as it is a must for our products to come with L2C label on the packaging.

Where can I find a list of Unilin partners that have a valid license?

You can refer to the link below. Our QuickStep products are registered under Unilin BVBA.



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