Floor Colour: LURF AMBIENT 40051 Dark Grey Concrete
ID by: Design Neu


Are you a minimalist at heart? Usually if one goes for minimalist design, they will like their crib to be clutter-free, clean and lots of free up spaces. With the limited floor area for all the new HDB coming up, clutter free is actually one of the best way to go. It lets you free up your limited floor area and comes with additional benefits for your everyday living.


Classic Appeal

Some designs may go out of trend in a few years to come and seem dull or unattractive to the eye. But minimalist is one classic one that stays gold even up to five years or more. As the general thumb rule of minimalist design is clean and clutter free. Even after few years down the road, you can shift around your furniture or home accessories to create a new outlook because like a minimalist home design, the furniture are usually a classic to work around as well. As long as you keep it neat and clutter free, it can go a long way for you.

Floor Colour: LURF AMBIENT 40050 Warm Grey Concrete
ID by: Kuro+


Affordable To Achieve

As the aim of a minimalist design is to achieve a clean and clutter free look, the need to purchase expensive, bulky items are uncalled for. In fact the usual tip is to get items that are durable and practical for everyday use. For furniture pieces, there is no need to get flashy pieces, but rather go for the classic ones that will still look in place after five years. Same applies to appliances, get cost saving ones, rather than those that looks good, comes with a big price tag but probably die on you after 1-2 years of use or gives u a hefty electricity bill at the end of every month.

Floor Colour: LURF PULSE 40089 Autumn Oak Warm Grey


Cleaner Environment

Besides the affordable costs to achieve a minimalist look, it can offer you a clean and clutter free look. Imagine having a lot of things on the floor and having to clean around it or having it accumulating dust.

Cleaning up a home that is clutter-free will be more appealable than dealing with an elaborately decorated place. There will always be someone with an extra light fixture, or an extra piece of furniture that is not needed. All these are unnecessary and will only slowly become a liability. One way to simplify maintenance is also to have small and compact furniture items, which are easy to move around and less likely to accumulate too much dust. People who are prone to allergic reactions and asthma will benefit from minimalist interior design a lot. The same applies to small children and the elderly.

Floor Colour: LURF BALANCE 40032 Select Oak Light


The concept behind a Minimalist design is about balance, functionality and comfort at the same time. Accomplishing all of these goals can be tricky in the absence of professional help.

At Floor Xpert, our LURF floor is honestly the most ideal choice of flooring for minimalist design. LURF floor is known to be easy on maintenance, durable and healthy for the family. Thanks to its unique Scratch and StainGuard technology, LURF floor can withstand the rigours of active lifestyles for many years. The fully sealed top layer offers total protection and ensures common stains and dirt cannot penetrate your floors, making them easy to clean. Even the toughest stains can be wipe away in an instant.

Floor Colour: LURF AMBIENT 40049 Light Concrete


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