In the market now, there are many different materials suitable for your balcony or decking. Be it natural wood, composite wood, microcement or artificial turf, there are many factors to consider before you choose the ultimate material for your home. Exactly what are the factors you need to consider before you make the purchase?

1st and key factor in everyone’s mind – COST

How much will it cost to get the decking of my choice and is it necessary to spend a bomb to get one of excellent quality? Strictly saying, quality does come with a price.

After you work out your budget, next on the list is to list out the different materials within your budget. Besides the budget, you also need to list out the pros and cons of the material. Your needs have to be in line with your budget. You don’t want to spend a bomb and get a material that is nice to look at but hard to maintain. Example, wood decking are nice on the aesthetic side but composite wood decking are much easier to clean.

Make sure you measure the sizing of your decking before you decide on the material. Get your decking consultant to measure for you and give you an exact quotation on the suitable material of your decking size.

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Last but not least, the safety of the decking.

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Safety, regardless for yourself or your family, needs to be taken into consideration. Especially if your family consists of elderly and children. Make sure the structure of the decking and the decking material are made of strong and durable materials. Like for Floor Xpert, our zSNAP.DECK comes with aluminium structure which is extremely strong and made to take heavy load.

Besides the durability and stability, consider the maintenance factor and also environment where it will be install. Example: if the area tend to be high in moisture, we do not recommend wood decking. It is important to find one that can withstand the outdoor weather and will not burn a hole in your pocket with the constant maintenance work needed.

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At Floor Xpert, we offer wood decking and composite wood decking. Both works for your different needs and budget. Contact any of our consultants to find out more!

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