Floor planks have been a popular flooring solution throughout the ages, from wood floors in medieval castles to refined parquet in Versailles. Usually they’re made of natural wood material, but with better technologies and the increasing need for environment preservation, there are other popular variations such as vinyl and laminates for example. Even within the wood category, there’s a difference between solid and engineered wood floor planks.

Their timeless nature and broad variety of options add to the ever-increasing popularity of floor planks. From rustic to minimalistic and trendy, there’s a type of floor plank to suit every interior style. Modern innovations like easy-to-use click systems make them even more desirable.

Endless possibilities

Available in a near endless array of colours and styles, there are different planks to suit every style and taste. Water-resistant floor planks like LURF® vinyl can even be used in kitchens.


LURF® vinyl is a breeze to maintain and install. Thanks to their Unilin click system, all our LURF® Vinyl can be installed without any need for nails or glue.

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