Because of FIVE unique layers.

Each LURF Plank is constructed with five unique layers that look, sound and feel more like real wood while increasing the durability and life of your floor.

As a flooring consultant, we know why these FIVE unique layers are so important. But layman don’t. Let us answer your concerns.

#Layer 1: With many of us working long hours, housekeeping can be quite a hassle against time that we are constantly running up against. The last thing we want is to constantly battle dirt and stains on our luxury floor. The 1st layer covers your protection against dirt, stains and scratches giving it an authentic look with matte finishing. Your floor will never LOOK dirty even if it is.

#Layer 2: With the wide variety of vinyl flooring in the market today, end consumer will definitely be spoilt for choices. But what differentiates LURF from the rest is the Luxury range. Each plank is finely printed to ensure the end result turns out stylish and realistic. Honestly the last we want is to have flooring that is only pretty on illustrations.

#Layer 3: Home is where we relax and let our kids potter around in the environment they are most comfortable in. Especially for a household with kids, they are usually running around all over the place. With the highly impact resistant vinyl core, it reduces sound and resist dents. Set the kids wild!

#Layer 4: On the average now, most home owners will stay in their HDB flat for at least 5years. 5 years is somehow not long nor short, but when wear & tear happens, it happens. Replacing flooring can come up to quite a substantial amount. Our proprietary formulation and unique manufacturing process produce floors with greater dimensional stability. They RESIST folding!

#Layer 5: Don’t you like the nicely crafted furniture pieces that are really popular in the market now? We do too! Often purchases are delivered by external parties who are usually working against time to do as many deliveries as they can in a day. In their haste to set up and go, they might be less than gentle on the handling process against our interior. With a durable vinyl backing, it protects against heavy furniture and impacts. We get the furniture and our flooring is safe, best of both world.

Fact of the day: LURF from Quick-Step are manufactured in Belgium!

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