Feature walls provide great room for creativity to experiment with different colours, designs and finishing. It is a quick and easy way to lit up a space that was once dull and boring. Feature walls can be extremely loud to hit a high impact or subtle and comfortable.

Whichever kind of effect you want, a feature wall could be just the thing you need. But before you rush into it, here’s what we advise you.

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Don’t just select a wall randomly to put up a feature. A feature wall’s focus point is to highlight a room. For instance, the wall behind your television console make a good feature wall. Some of the areas may be blocked by the console and television, but it will not be overwhelming for the eye to focus on a specific area instead of the whole wall which may be quite complicated.

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However DO make sure whichever colour or design you choose should complement the room and not vice versa. Don’t bold just because whoever you know is doing it. It may look good for this house but may not apply to another. Making sure it fits will be the key.


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If you cannot decide on which colour or design to do your entire room, DON’T just opt in a feature wall because you have no idea what to do. Feature walls may be an eye catching focus but it should be use to highlight a room and not as a consolation.


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If the room is already crowded with different colours or items, don’t add in a feature wall. It will make the space look more chaotic and takes away the beauty of it.

So don’t just think that only paint and wallpaper are the only solutions to highlighting your walls. Feature walls now can be created out of materials like, stone, tiles, reclaimed wood, paint and even WOOD!

Yes you heard us right! Wood!

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Floor Xpert are in the midst of preparing for one of our prettiest product line to be launch very very soon. We not only cover your floors, we also highlight your walls. So stick around this space for more details!

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