Living room

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  1. We all love a good read every now and then. However have deadlines for newspapers and magazines, then recycle them. In fact, newspaper are really helpful for wiping glass windows!
  2. Every special occasion we will often take many photos to retain the memory and sometimes developing them to showcase around the house. BUT keep only your favourite decorations and photographs. You can also consider hanging photographs on the wall instead.
  3. With all our television and sound systems around the house, definitely, we have little items like remote controls clutter everywhere. Buy a holder for all these controls. Not only less clutter but also easier to find it when you need it.

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  1. Every few months you should spring clean your kitchen – your fridge, pantry and cabinets. Everything that has expired needs to go! Those that have been sitting in the fridge for a year, we are very sure you won’t miss it.

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  1. When we buy take out these days, it usually comes in plastic containers. If it’s not too dirty and oily, we will just wash and keep and see any chances of reusing it. But you honestly can’t do much with containers that has no lids or that is more than one month. In fact all plastic containers has an expiry date at the bottom. Throw it away, consuming too much plastic chemical is actually bad for your health also.



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  1. When we don’t use it, we don’t need it. If it’s not within sight, high chance we will not remember it either. So don’t put the items in your storeroom thinking you will reach out for it soon. For items you are sure you will use, label them and store them for easy accessibility.



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  1. The foot area now for new BTO(s) are getting smaller and smaller. After renovation works and furniture placement, we might not have enough storage space. Therefore make sure you assess how big a wardrobe you need to store your clothes, bags etc to keep your bedroom clutter free. Scientific studies show that if your bedroom is too clutter, you are unable to get quality rest.


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  1. Clothes that are from your secondary school days may still be in the closet because you keep telling yourself you MAY wear it again. BUT if you have not worn it for the last 1 year, you will NOT wear it again. DITCH it! Make space for new and quality clothes that will see the daylight.
  2. Usually we will reach out for the clothes that are on the top of the stack. The ones at the bottom may be just forgotten as days goes by. To prevent you from forgetting what clothes you have, slot them sideways in drawers. Rolling them makes space to put in more also.

Study room

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  1. Keep your desktop free from clutter – it should be a workspace rather than a storage space. Get rid of cables and chargers to devices you no longer own, or forgot you owned.



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  1. Keep clutter hidden and off countertops by installing a mirrored medicine cabinet. Store away everything, except cosmetics, which get affected by heat and humidity and only brought to the bathroom when needed.
  2. Install as many hooks as possible.


Try it and make Marie Kondo proud! 😀

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