Having a wood decking may be a subject of admiration from your family and friends as the look will be premium and lush. However, aside from the premium look from natural wood, the maintenance is another package. To have natural wood decking, you need to be responsible to upkeep and maintain it to keep it looking good. Constantly check your decks for damage, rot, nails, infestation and other possible types of wear and tear. Address all these before they blow up to be bigger issues that may be unrecoverable.

Inspect Wood (Always Do Regular  Inspection)

Natural wood needs regular maintenance, such as cleaning, sanding, polishing or varnishing. So how do you inspect your wood?

If you spot areas that look soft and spongy, use a sharp tool and lightly poke or dig at it. If evidence of rot is present, repair or replace immediately. This is to prevent bigger damage to the rest of the wood.

Check wood for splinters, sinking and warping at the ends.

Occasionally walk around to make sure the wood feels solid and sturdy underfoot.

Inspect for small holes which may be caused by insect infestation, eg: termites.

Inspect Wood for Rots

-Wet Rot

Obvious signs of wet rot are if the wood appears black and spongy.

-Dry Rot

Dry rot is lighter in color but also soft (like wet rot). It occurs in most moist conditions.


Nail Pop

Nail pop often occurs when decks are aging. Wood planks on older decks are secure with nails, which may be prone to popping. This is caused by expansion or contractions from environment temperature changes. It is better to replace if popping happens.

Weathered Conditions

If your wood decking starts to turn grey or discoloured, it’s time to give them a cleaning. Maintenance is recommended at twice a year for washing of the wood deck. If after the washing, the deck still looks too weathered, it is probably time to replace.


On top of a good cleaning, it may be time to varnish the decking to make it look less weathered.

Due to the various disadvantages, more people are opting for composite wood decking, which is wood like in appearance but so much more hassle free maintenance. Just like our zSNAP.DECK which is very popular with home-owners. To find out more, you can refer to article below:


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