Elegant and long planks in different wood species. structures and finishes. More depth and an inviting atmosphere for your space.
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Classification, Castello

Dimensions (L x W), 182 x 14.5 cm

Thickness, 14 mm

Finishing, Oiled or Matt or Satin

Tongue & groove, Uniclic (length & width)

Packaging, 1.5834m² /pack

CE, Level 4 (EN 14342: 2008-09)

Warranty, 33 yrs (residential)~~Lifetime Uniclic warranty~~Lifetime workmanship warranty

Country of Origin/ Manufacture, Malaysia


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Classification, Method, Castello

General aspect of~~installed flooring, EN 13489~~-Lipping – difference in height~~-Difference in width~~-Cupping lengthwise~~-Cupping in width, ≤0.15mm~~≤0.15mm~~≤0.1% ~~≤0.2%

UV oiled finish, , 2 layers

UV cured varnish, Anti-scratch top coat, 5 to 7 layers

Wear resistance, SIS 923509~~DIN 68861, 800-1000~~100-1050

Scratch resistance, , Anti-scratch top coat with nanotechnology

Stain resistance, EN 13442~~-All except blue ink~~-Blue ink, ~~Class 5~~Class 3

Dimensional stability, ISO 24339 (changes 30-85% RH)~~-Cupping short side maxi %~~-Cupping short side mini %~~-Open joints short side (mm) ~~-Open joints long side (mm), ~~ ≤0.25 ~~≥-0.15 ~~≤0.15 ~~≤0.20

Slip resistance, CEN/TS 15676: 2008, USRV 48-52

Heat resistance, EN 12664: 2001, 0.14 m2.°K/W

Reaction to fire, EN 14501-1, Dfl – s1


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Classification, Castello

PEFC, PEFC/07-32-37

U-zeichen, Z.156.606-898


Formaldehyde emission, Class E1 (EN 717-1)

PCP, Below detection limit


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