We all know that different zodiacs are usually paired with a lucky colour/s of their own to further enhance your luck for the day or the whole year. Whether Mercury is in retrograde or it’s smooth astrological sailing, we should see how we ought to put the lucky colour into our everyday element.

The colours that correspond with our zodiac takes a few things into account when it comes to picking an outfit, buying a car or renovating our new crib. The colour not only rocks our world but says a lot about our unique personality.

Picking a wrong colour does not necessary means doomsday BUT we will try to avoid at all costs. Let’s see what is in our zodiac readings this week.


 (July 22 – Aug 22)

Leo naturally is very strong-willed and is no stranger to taking the lead. They need colours that will help them lead in style and confidence. Think royalty colours like gold, regal purple and copper. Pastels colours will take away the charismatic personality away.

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(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You are particular about the way you interact with the world. You have no time for fickleness and indecision. The colours that will help you make and stick to your guns are safe colours like brown and grey. Mixing in black n green will be ideal to add a little colour to a Virgo yet not going too over the top.

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(Sep 23 – 23 Oct)

Libras are gentle and intelligent, constantly looking for harmony and symmetry in their lifes. They are well known to prefer a balanced aesthetic and not too gaudy. White, tan or pink are their good vibes colours. If a Libra is going for a chic look, they can throw in black elements. But they need to keep it minimum, two colours and not more than that.

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(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Resourceful, brave, and stubborn Scorpio style and taste is unmatched and will often keep people guessing. The Scorpio personality is one that will match personality with wardrobe. They are often in dark colours like dark purple, maroon and black. Light colours do not align with a Scorpio’s opinion and moods. Being unique is a Scorpio’s forte.


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It may not be accurate for some individuals but we hope it helps you to better neutralize your luck and what to avoid.

Stay Tune to next week for the rest of the remaining zodiac(s).

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