We all know that different zodiacs are usually paired with a lucky colour/s of their own to further enhance your luck for the day or the whole year. Whether Mercury is in retrograde or it’s smooth astrological sailing, we should see how we ought to put the lucky colour into our everyday element.

The colours that correspond with our zodiac takes a few things into account when it comes to picking an outfit, buying a car or renovating our new crib. The colour not only rocks our world but says a lot about our unique personality.

Picking a wrong colour does not necessary means doomsday BUT we will try to avoid at all costs. Let’s see what is in our zodiac readings this week.


(March 21 – April 20)

When we think of Aries we think of planet Mars. Naturally fiery hues like red and orange will come to our mind. It’s no doubt that a fiery Aries personality should have colours that represent fire and blood in their pantone choice. If red is too much, you can throw in some off-white and cream to neutralize the raging fire. This will bring down your fiery personality but not dim your independent and creative nature. The colour also stimulates and enlivens, and is linked to your muscular system, head and brain.


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 (April 21 – May 20)

If there is any sign that goes well with pink, it will have to be Tauras. Tauras is ruled by Venus and is known to beautify, stabilize and conserve. Due to its reliable and patient nature, Tauras should dress in colours like pink or funky tone like maroon. Add in elements of white and black will let you feel and look more stable. However, no reds please!


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(May 21 – June 20)

Ruled by Mercury and naturally creative, you need a colour also that symbolizes creation, and what better colour than green. If one doesn’t like to dress in green, you can consider adding some greenery into your surroundings. Gemini is positive, uplifting and also quickening or changing.

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(June 21 – July 21)

Moonchild, your caring and sensitive nature requires colours that represent the flow of a tide. Although water is generally calm but there is also strength in a current. Blue for the water, white for the sands and yellow for a sunny day. All black will make you feel pessimistic and gloomy, so do avoid it.


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It may not be accurate for some individuals but we hope it helps you to better neutralize your luck and what to avoid.

Did not see your zodiac?

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